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We Bring The
Lab to You

Serving Santa Barbara County Since 2010



I started my business after my son, Dashiell, was born with Zellwegers, a diagnosis that required frequent blood draws and drug levels throughout his life. After sitting through long wait times and watching many phlebotomists struggle to find his veins, I decided to draw his blood at home and hand deliver it to the lab. Soon after, I began Personal Touch Blood Draws to offer the same personalized service to you.

With close to 30 years of experience in situations as demanding as the ER to the individual care required in internal medicine, I have earned a reputation for nearly painless draws and a pleasant bedside manner. I specialize in patients with difficult veins, diabetics, cancer patients, the elderly, infants, and everyone from one to one-hundred. I have a current California phlebotomy license and a deep desire to help.  

Learn more about me here.

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You Pick the

Time and Place

With Personal Touch Blood Draws, you get to choose a time and place that's comfortable for you. 

We Complete the Draw Quickly & Nearly Painlessly

We specialize in quick, almost pain-free draws so you don't have to worry. 

We Manage Delivery to the Lab

We facilitate daily specimen transport via pick-ups from both Pacific Diagnostics and Quest Labs, as well as manage same-day kit draw shipping.


Eli Levine

"Liz is the most talented phlebotomist I have ever encountered in many, many years of having blood drawn from my really tired, recalcitrant, collapsible, elusive, difficult, nasty, hidden, unfriendly, uncooperative, and altogether worthless 86-year-old veins."

Laurie Potter

"Liz Beckner has drawn blood for me for over 6 years. With her skills, warmth, enthusiasm and encouragement, she put me at ease immediately."

Jen Jones

"Dear incredible, wonderful, amazing Liz, You are always so professional, upbeat, friendly and kind. I can't thank you enough for all you did for us and Betty with her specialized draw. You did all the work and made it so easy for us. You are the best."

Deb Ploch

"Thank you for providing a wonderful service for house bound seniors, as well as patients with sensitive vein issues."

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